Sustainable Community Forestry Program

From urban neighborhoods to rural subdivisions, trees play a vital role in our communities.Street trees

People benefit from community forests in many ways, whether relaxing in the shade, drinking clean water, or breathing clean air. Trees contribute to our health, economic vitality and social well-being.

Through the Sustainable Community Forestry Program (SCFP), the GFC focuses on the future of our trees by helping community leaders recognize the value of trees and plan with them in mind. Community leaders can build a sustainable urban forestry program by implementing tree inventories, ordinances and land-use plans and by establishing advocacy groups and networks of certified arborists, planners, and landscape architects. These sustainable programs minimize the loss of trees while maximizing their benefits.

The Sustainable Community Forestry Program provides the valuable resources community leaders need to develop and maintain a community tree care program. Whether through the technical knowledge of our Community Foresters, the information supplied in our educational programs and materials, assistance with wildland-urban interface issues or the professional guidance offered by partner organizations,the Sustainable Community Forestry Program works with all communities to care for their trees.

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