Trees & Storm Safety

storm safety

Storm events such as tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, and ice can considerably impact trees in Georgia. The following information is aimed at assisting homeowners and community officials to prepare and respond quickly and safely before and after storm events.

An effective storm plan should include the following:


Planning activities. For homeowners, this may include contacting a certified arborist. For community officials planning includes: an early warning system for severe weather, a disaster response plan, identification of roles of municipal entities during a disaster, and identification of sources of additional assistance during an emergency.


Immediate activity during and after the disaster.  Examples include tree damage clean up, clearance, office/field communications, identification of debris disposal options, and the use of efficient record-keeping methods.


Activities after the storm event that attempt to restore conditions existing prior to the disaster. Examples include public and private tree planting, tree care, and training of volunteers and municipal workers.