Five Year Plan

A Five-Year Plan for Georgia's Urban and Community Forests 2018 - 2022 has been developed by a dedicated and diverse group of industry leaders from across the state. The purpose of the plan is to provide strategic direction for urban and community forest programs and to coordinate statewide efforts to value, conserve, manage and enhance Georgia's community forests.

Our vision is that we are empowered with the knowledge of the services provided by urban forests that improve their quality of life, citizens, policy-makers and managers actively and collaboratively participate in creating resilient urban ecosystems for all of Georgia's communities.

The new goals are:

  1. Improved urban and community forest management, maintenance, and stewardship for health, resiliency and usability.
  2. Partnerships built across diverse sectors to leverage community resources.
  3. An involved public empowered through education about the value of community forests and the necessity for individual awareness and personal responsibility.
  4. Healthy forest ecosystems throughout communities through an emphasis on the green infrastructure approach toward planning, development and policy.

Five-Year Plan objectives and actions are made possible through federal, state and local partnerships. Representatives from the following organizations helped write this plan: U.S. Forest Service, Georgia Urban Forest Council, Georgia Power, City of Athens, Agnes Scott College, EPA Green Infrastructure and Water Protection, City of Alpharetta, City of Valdosta, Georgia Forestry Commission, Atlanta Mayor's Office of Resiliency, Keep Rome-Floyd Beautiful, City of Atlanta Arborist Division, City of Milton, City of Macon, Thoms Trees and Plants, The University of Georgia and the Georgia Arborist Association.