Pre-Suppression Firebreaks Firebreak

The Georgia Forestry Commission provides the service of plowing pre-suppression firebreaks to landowners. Plowing is scheduled on a first come, first served basis and limited to 25 hours per landowner if other requests are pending. Once all requests have been serviced, additional plowing in excess to the 25 hours may be available.

A minimum half-hour fee will be charged for plowing based on tractor size needed as determined by the GFC. Over the minimal half-hour charge, plowing will be charged in tenths per the hour meter on the tractor. An additional flat-rate transportation fee will also be charged.

All pre-suppression firebreak plowing will be completed in accordance with Forestry Best Management Practices.

Established pre-suppression firebreaks may be refreshed by harrowing. Fees for harrowing are calculated the same as plowing.

Contact your local GFC office to schedule this service.