Debris Burning Debris burn

Debris burning is Georgia's #1 cause of wildfire. It accounts for over 50 percent of all wildfires in the state.

Debris burning is categorized into different types:

  • Yard leaf piles
  • Agricultural
  • Forestry site preparation
  • Construction land clearing
  • Escaped prescribed burning

Burning yard leaf piles is the most common cause of wildfire. The Georgia Forestry Commission has a wildfire prevention initiative to reach debris burners and educate them on proper debris burning techniques.

All debris burning requires a burn permit with the exception of agricultural fields or pastures, which require notification. The burning of household garbage is prohibited and not permitted by GFC. A major cause of debris burn wildfires is not obtaining a permit and burning with improper weather conditions.

Permits are obtained by calling your local GFC county office or online.


Debris Burning, Safe Practices brochure