Incident Management Type 2 Team

In 2002, the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) began the process of training an Incident Management Type 2 Team. An idea for a long time, the reasons that finally brought it to implementation were some large wildfire incidents experienced during several consecutive years of drought in Georgia and homeland security issues that brought statewide interest in the Incident Command System.

On March 20, 2018, the Type 2 Incident Management Team was deployed to College Station and Abilene, TX to provide wildfire support and strategic management for the Texas A&M Forest Service (see photo).

What is an Incident Management (IM) Team?

An Incident Management Team is a group of professionals training and working together as a unit to manage an emergency or a large incident. Consistently working and training together over time the team develops into and operates as an effective and efficient unit to accomplish complex tasks coherently.

Why have an IMT2 Team?

People, resources, and time are critical factors during and after a complex or large incident. An IMT2 Team provides skilled people and critical resources in a time efficient & cost effective manner.

Who are the members of the GFC IMT2 Team?

The IMT2 Team consists of GFC personnel from all service areas of the agency - administrative, management, protection, etc. Depending on the position, certain qualifications and experience must be met before applying. There is a primary team roster and an alternate team roster as well as apprentice and trainee positions. All members join the team voluntarily and participate in on-going training.

When the team is working an incident, an expanded dispatch center is activated at GFC headquarters in Macon. The professionals working the expanded dispatch search the Resource Ordering and Status System (ROSS) for available individuals and resources to fill orders placed by the IMT2 Team and provide a communication link between the team, GFC, and all available resources.

Other agency personnel may be called upon to support IMT objectives or to perform a particular task like transporting resources such as clothes, ice, water, equipment, etc.

How many members are trained to be on the team?

The numbers are dynamic, but the minimum number to staff a Type 2 Team is 24 for a single shift and at least 48 to run 24 hours a day.

What incidents have the GFC IMT2 Team worked?
  • Wildfires
    • Texas 2006 wildfires (photos)
    • Texas 2018 wildfires
  • Hurricanes
    • Hurricane Katrina
    • Hurricane Rita
    • Hurricane Jeanne
    • Hurricane Ivan
    • Hurricane Frances
    • Hurricane Charley
    • Hurricane Bonnie
    • Statesboro Complex, GA; Liberty, McIntosh, and Byran Counties had wildfires that consisted of approx 1000 acres.
  • G-8 Summitt, GA; The IMT2 Team provided logistic support and operational management of fire safety for this event.
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