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Registering For a GFC-Sponsored Georgia Basic Wildland Fighter (GBWF) Field Exercise
Once registered - a "no-show" on the Field Exercise Day will result in a $100.00 assessment against the employer for each non-reporting student.

All registrations must use only the E-mail address of the department chief - training officer - or trainee supervisor in the case of non-fire department cooperators. Send an E-mail from the department chief with a list of approved trainees to: Al Hoke at and CC Jennifer Dorough at

GFC Safety & Training Office | 478-751-3499
Student Information
Last Name
First Name (and Middle Name)
Last 5 digits of Social Security Number
Gender Male      Female     
Fire Fighter Certificate Number
Fire Fighter Certificate Date
Fire Fighter Certificate Type
Date of Birth
Employer/Sponsor Agency E-mail Address
(E-mail address of the Supervisor/Department/Employer)

(Information about the Field Exercise will be sent to this E-mail address - do not use personal E-mail.)
Classification GFC
Cooperators - Paid by Federal Government
Cooperators - Not Paid by Federal Government
Agency Information
Employing Agency
If the Agency Name is not on the list, please enter here:
Employing Agency Type City/Municipal
Agency Mailing Address
Agency Phone
Agency Fax
Your Training Officer's Name
(Name entered here indicates "Electronic Signature" by the officer approving your registration.)
After submission: E-mail a list of trainees to and CC
Your Training Officer's Phone
Course and Field Exercise Details
Course Type I wish to obtain a Wildland Firefighter Course CD from GFC

I plan to complete the USFA Wildland Firefighter Online Course
(You will need the name of the administrator to register for the USFA Wildland Firefighter Online Course)
The website to register this online course is
Field Exercise No Field Exercise Session is planned in the near future, and so we cannot take any registration.
Please contact Jennifer Dorough (Trainning Coordinator) at 478-751-3499 for assistance.