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Common Name
Latin Name Genus:      Species:      Suffix:
Circumference at 4.5 feet (inches) (Whole number only - no decimals, please)
Total Vertical Height (ft) (Whole number only - no decimals, please)
Average Diameter of Crown Spread (ft) (Whole number only - no decimals, please)
Physical Condition of Tree
Date Measured
Measured By
County of Tree
Location in the County e.g. nearest city, park, wildlife management area, college campus, etc.
Directions to the Tree Directions should be specific enough to easily locate the Tree
Coordinates of the Tree Latitude N (such as 34.1234)       Longtitude W (such as 80.1234)      
Photo submitted? Yes     No
Please email photos (250kb max per photo) of the tree to Ryan Phillips, Champion Tree Program Coordinator. By submitting photos you are agreeing to give Georgia Forestry Commission permission to use the photo for media, publication, and/or website applications.
Other Tree Information e.g. historical or interesting story about the Tree
Tree Owner Information
Name of the Owner
Street Address of the Owner
City of the Owner
State of the Owner
Zip Code of the Owner
Telephone of the Owner (e.g. 478-751-3500)
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Nominator 1 Information
Nominator 1
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Nominator 2 Information
Nominator 2
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