The Great and Powerful Longleaf Pine

LL Range MapLongleaf pine, and more importantly its associated ecosystem, once dominated approximately 92 million acres stretching from southern Virginia to Florida and from the east coast to Texas. This critical landscape was and is shaped and maintained by a frequent fire regime that eliminates competition from hardwoods and other southern pines. Over the years, progress, development and changing markets have reduced the once far-spread species to a mere 4.2 million acres. Its disappearance has been coupled with a changing landscape that affects wildlife habitat, fire resiliency and diversity across the landscape.

Because of this, interest from federal, state and private entities in the establishment and management of the longleaf pine ecosystem has increased dramatically over the last two decades. With the goal of preserving and re-establishing this declining ecosystem, funds have been allocated for establishment, management, and technical assistance throughout. Sensitive to the needs of landowners, GFC has dedicated this section of its site to all things longleaf. Here you will find information regarding history, available services/cost share, new developments, directories and management.

This site is currently under construction, particularly the management section. Content will be expanded weekly.

Conservation efforts and land management occur on a landscape scale involving many agencies. GFC would like to thank our partners:

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