Prescribed Burning Assistance

The Georgia Forestry Commission encourages prescribed burning and will assist as much as possible with this endeavor. At times, constraints such as personnel and wildfire suppression can limit the availability of this service.

Assistance with prescribed burning and writing a burn plan is available from your local Georgia Forestry Commission County office.

There is a fee for burning assistance and a prescribed burning agreement is required to be signed by the landowner. The landowner must initiate the fire. The Georgia Forestry Commission is not allowed to initiate a prescribed burn. GFC personnel will assist and can stand by with equipment if necessary. If GFC personnel are assisting with the burn other than firebreak plowing or standing by, then a prescribed burning plan is required. The Georgia Forestry Commission can also provide backfire torches for landowners on a limited basis as available. A deposit of $170 is required.

A prescribed burning plan is an important and helpful tool to have in implementing a successful and safe prescribed burn. Georgia Forestry Commission foresters are experienced and trained in writing these plans. The forester makes a site visit to the tract to be burned for evaluation. The forester then prepares the plan. A prescribed burning plan can also be prepared by any certified prescribed burner in the State of Georgia. The plan covers all aspects of prescribed burning such as weather factors, smoke management, fuels, and burning techniques. The plan also includes a tract photo.

The Georgia Forestry Commission recognizes the importance of prescribed burning as an excellent tool in management and protection of forestland.