Biomass for Industry

Forestry Biomass Procurement Area - Sandersville, Georgia

The Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) assists the bioenergy and forest industry by providing Services for the Bioenergy Industry as follows:

Guidance in Site Location

The GFC Utilization Department staff can provide timber and biomass data at the landscape level to assist with general site location for a forest products mill or bioenergy facility. General information and statistics on timber inventory, timber growth, timber utilization rate, timberland statistics, and other data can be examined. The data is obtained through the U.S. Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis database, which is developed through processing of timberland measurement plots and historical industrial statistics. The objective of providing this service is to encourage the development of new wood-using facilities in a manner that will be sustainable for Georgia's forest and for the industry. The GFC staff also work closely with professional economic developers at the Georgia Department of Economic Development and at local development authorities in identifying specific construction sites that are available and supported by proper infrastructure.

Timber and Biomass Assessments

The GFC can provide additional timber/biomass resource assessments based on procuring feedstock within a radius of a specific location. The assessment includes several tables of data and a summary fact sheet. A sample of a prepared assessment is provided for download as a Forest Resource Fact Sheet for an Area within 50 miles of Sandersville, Georgia.

Sourcing Forest Biomass

Forest biomass can be procured from traditional logging and wood supply companies, from traditional forest product manufacturers, wood waste dealers, or directly from landowners. Please refer to the Timber Supply Chain whitepaper for a general explanation of the supply chain, from growing trees to mill. Biomass harvesting efficiencies are being developed through a variety of organizations. Most notably is the work by Dr. Dale Greene and Shawn Baker at the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources to study the most efficient methods of incorporating biomass harvesting into traditional timber product harvesting. Details of this work can be found in the reference section. The GFC is currently working to develop a report describing the details of alternative strategies in securing long-term supplies of biomass for specific facilities. The GFC provides a Forest Biomass Suppliers directory and information on other potential synergies that might be developed with local forest industry businesses and landowners. Biomass suppliers interested in being listed in the Biomass Supplier Directory can complete this form.

The Forest Product Directory is also maintained by GFC and can provide useful contacts for residue feedstocks. The Master Timber Harvester Buyer Directory can also be a good source of additional biomass supply contacts.

Additional Information

The GFC maintains research results on wood properties, forest policy updates, and other useful information for developing bioenergy companies. Check the reference section or contact a GFC Forest Utilization staff member for additional information.