Forest Bioenergy Research and Reference Information

Biomass Assessment Procedure and Samples

Biomass Assessment Services for Industry
GFC, July 2008
Forestry Biomass Assessment for Georgia: General Statewide Estimates
GFC, March 2009
Forest Resource Fact Sheet for Sandersville, Georgia
Area within a 50 mile radius, GFC, January 2009

Industry Development and Market Contacts

Bioenergy Industry in Georgia Map
Operational and planned facilities
Forest Biomass Suppliers in Georgia
Suppliers can email updates to
An Overview of the Forest Bioenergy Industry in Georgia
Powerpoint presentation, GFC, March 2010
Ethanol in Your Backyard, November 2007 video
Forest Bioenergy in Georgia
Powerpoint presentation for International Companies, GFC, January 2010
Wood to Energy: Economic Impact of Generating Electricity
Cooperative Extension Service, University of Florida, 2007
Southern Bioenergy Roadmap
SAFER, 2009
A General Description of the Timber Supply Chain in Georgia and the Southern United States
Descriptive whitepaper, GFC, July 2009
Sample Timber/Biomass Sale Agreement Lump Sum
GFC, 2010
Sample Timber/Biomass Sale Agreement by the Unit
GFC, 2010

Policy and Market Impacts

A Developing Bioenergy Market and Its Implications on Forests and Forest Products Markets in the United States
University of Georgia, North Carolina State University, and National Alliance of Forest Owners
Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP)
USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA). Information is available on the FSA website about BCAP's Final Rule as determined in October 2010.
Biofuels Markets Require Land Management Records
GFC - May 2010
Renewable Fuels: Regulations and Standards
US Environmental Protection Agency
The Near-Term Market and Greenhouse Gas Implications of Forest Biomass Utilization in the Southeastern United States
Climate Change Policy Partnership, Duke University
Three Realities of Wood Bioenergy and Forest Owners
Forisk Consulting LLC

Technical Information and Research Results

Georgia Bioenergy State Fact Sheet
SAFER, 2009
Fuel Value Calculator
US Forest Service - Forest Products Laboratory
What is the Energy Content of Wood?
GFC, 2009
How to Estimate Recoverable Heat Energy in Wood or Bark Fuels
US Forest Service
Biomass Energy Conversion for Electricity and Pellets Worksheet
GFC, 2009
Wood Chip Drying and Costs
GFC, 2019
Transpirational Drying of Piedmont Hardwoods
Density of Selected Wood Fuels
Evaluation of integrated harvesting in pine stands of the Southern United States
Powerpoint presentation, Shawn Baker, UGA, 2008
Evaluation of integrated harvesting in pine stands of the Southern United States
Baker, UGA, 2010. Article available at
Recovery of Forest Biomass for Bioenergy Production
Powerpoint presentation, Shawn Baker, UGA, 2007
Should Whole Tree Chips for Fuel Be Dried Before Storage?
Edward L. Springer, US Forest Service
Estimating Moisture Content of Tree-Length Roundwood
US Forest Service
Best Management Practices for Wood Ash as Agricultural Soil Amendment
Cooperative Extension Service, University of Georgia
Biomass Power and Conventional Fossil Systems with and without CO2 Sequestration - Comparing the Energy Balance, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Economics
Spath and Mann, 2004, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) - (Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of biomass vs fossil fuel for electricity research report)
Nutrient Removal with Whole-Tree Chip Harvests

Links to Other Bioenergy Organizations

Forest Bioenergy
Bioenergy training and information sharing
Georgia Center of Innovation for Energy
Pine2Energy Coalition
Southern Agriculture and Forestry Energy Resources Alliance
Southeast Bioenergy Conference
UGA Bioenergy Systems Research Initiative
Woody Biomass Coalition


Questions & Answers About Biomass
Encyclopedia of Southern Bioenergy
US Forest Service Southern Research Station & Southern Region Extension Forestry
Forest Inventory & Analysis Factsheet for Georgia 2004
Georgia Clean Energy Property Tax Credit
Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA)
Georgia's Biomass Industry Backgrounder
Georgia's Forests, 2004
U.S. Forest Service, Southern Research Station, Resource Bulletin SRS-149
Harvesting Forest Biomass by Adding a Small Chipper to a Ground-Based Tree-Length Southern Pine Operation
State Energy Strategy for Georgia
GFC Participates in Brazil Biofuels Mission - Report of Findings